Imperative observations.

January 2015

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The term ‘commonality’ used throughout this text relates specifically to our species, the functionality and basic properties we all have in common to survive. Identifying those can give us a ‘common meeting ground of agreement’, whoever you are, wherever you are. That may initiate other areas we can agree on.

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This web page is like me, under constant construction. Primarily because the published text changes beyond my limited control?
As this copy undergoes constant change, would recommend that if you do reach the end it may help the reader to return to the beginning. There may well be new copy to confirm your views.
This web page is a kaleidoscope of text, talks, music, and scenery being constantly added to. Collectively, singly, or combinations, may have some meaning for you.

The use of text etc., and the continual addition of placeholders are the best source of answers to any questions.
In the final analysis the right answers for you can only be your own. Within our commonality, paradoxically, you are the agent of your own destiny.
The widespread notion that you can act independently is a myth.
To realize the physical truth of that, occasionally touch your belly button as a reminder of your connectivity, and what it all means.

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Simplified definition of an absolute in the context used here. ‘That which is simple, observable and truthful’. Example: Everything that is, occupies its own share of space and time exactly. No more, no less.

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 Imperative observations

 Hypothetical or preliminary language of absolutes.

                     To draw attention to the embedded, and eclectic use of dichotomies in language, and the meanings that we take for granted.

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                                                                                                                                                                    The empire of man over things is founded on the sciences – for nature is only to be commanded by obeying her.’ Francis Bacon 1620.  


REVISED LOGIE ST !cid_6A45C39494674EC080C141E1C340E379@JimPC

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An early photograph of myself and my wife Jean.
We were both born in Govan Glasgow 1927. The Logie St photograph above is where I was born. The tenement housing where Jean was born has long since been demolished.
Throughout our life together, I gradually learned the true meaning of her nature. Without demonstration she imposed a silent, peaceful, honest way to live.
The latter years of Jean’s life were afflicted by dementia, and its unfortunate effects.
If there is a potential health benefit contained in our language, and that paying attention to absolutes and their disposition toward certainty helps, it is justification enough for me to keep writing.
You can be certain there will be no ‘end’ to that – I will not be here to finish it.
Perhaps interested professionals will.
Will agree with Faulkner that between nothing and grief, I too will choose grief.
Grief for me offers up memories of a nature that is now part of me. Memories with real meaning I constantly cherish.
Those memories motivate me to write this copy as long as I am able.

With classic music. ⇐⇐⇐
This one tells you how long we were married.
Play both on full screen.



 Essentially this WWW conversation came about over the subject of The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Quantum physics is of an alien world to me, but the title of the subject grabbed my attention.

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It grabbed mine too!

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