Imperative observations.


       Our immediate interest is to know more.


Media TS Eliot 2

To properly integrate new concepts and ideas is not a fast lane exercise. It is necessary, to first of all recognize that to date we live with life long evolutionary embedded concepts, and their widespread definition.
Entertaining something new requires patience, and time to reflect on its meaning. For thousands of years our collective minds have dealt with dichotomies, and accepted them, in and of themselves, as part of our reality. What if they don’t exist as a reality?
Could we possibly contemplate what that would mean?

In their simplicity absolutes offer a true personal induction through the process of identifying them, and using them in a correlative fashion, one with the other. You will find that they prescribe their own definition in your mind.  The level of meaning in absolutes is available via your personal experience. In that you will find that your meaning will meet most contemporary views that appeal to common-sense.
It is in that communal experience that true reciprocity abides, and real co-operation can take its place in the evolutionary cycle. The principles that form our common functionality
grow and expand to elevate our consciousness beyond the linear evolutionary path.

A contemporary limerick :

That cow that jumped over the moon
I think was a bit of a loon
Should have stopped in mid-flight
Stayed there the night
The first cow to land on the moon!
Bridie (circa 2010).

We could have been famous! Think of the publicity.

That was our Daisy! Did try to tell her. We could have been famous! Think of the publicity! Courtesy of Google free to use images.

About Bridie.

Born in Govan Glasgow 1927. Those were the days.
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