Imperative observations.


 This WWW conversation includes the subject of The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Quantum physics is of an alien world to me, but the title of the subject grabbed my attention. My reasons for that will become clear.

Photography donated by Heather I. 2015.

Photography courtesy of Heather I. 2015.

 It grabbed mine too!

Is the ‘Uncertainty Principle’ title a contradiction in terms?
If there is a principle, then it is well established.
We constantly live in a reality that is best served by the good use of the principles that are established. Their evidence is in fact all of our present contemporary reality. Ipso facto ‘everything’ that exists in our reality has a certain principle as its source.
The whole picture with regard to our sensory receptors seems not to be as exclusive as individualized experiences. Generally speaking there seems to be massive accord that does not depend on individual opinion.
It would appear to suggest that there is a form of certainty readily recognizable by the usual function of human sensory receptors.
Everything that is, is in perfect synchronicity, in that everything ages all at the same time.
Everything that is, at any moment in time, has its own share of space, no more no less.
That large commonality of factual knowledge seems to have no active displacement of our experience of reality.
In essence our experience of our reality must be a consciousness act of unification of the whole.Our sensory receptors seem to act in concert with others to give us a stabilized reality.
Our curiously sensitive sensory receptors are curious because our species generally accept an extraordinary equality of experience. We recognize in common, schools, universities, hospitals, cities, in fact the continual evolution of this planet’s history, including wars, crime, corruption.
Recognition that belies the experimental science of our sensory receptors.

Pondering what to eat =as we must! Courtesy of Google "free to use images".

Pondering what to eat =as we must!
Courtesy of Google “free to use images”.

Would simple mathematics be the basic source of quantum physics?
Where there is clear evidence of an interdependent measure that has reciprocal value, then it becomes unifying constructive knowledge e.g. 1+1=2! Here we have the basis of certainty and a clear and implicit principle.
Whatever our future holds, its continuity is dependent on the use we make of the principles we have discovered, and those we discover in the future. The ones we use now, can offer us their measure of certainty.
The natural processes within each lifetime are inevitable. There can be no restraint on natural phenomena as we all recognizably grow older at the same time. There is a purity of justice in this simplicity. It connects to our own reality and offers immediate recognition, and the limitations of our mortality.

'Roamin in the Glomin'

‘Roamin in the Gloamin’

MEDIA WINDMILL free_274640

Within each timeline we have the potential to discover the terms of the associative functionality we must share, to be alive at all.
As an organism which produces the innate genetic physical structures in all their prolific diversity, the question of space – environment, and life-giving services has become an observable urgent problem.
Where space is sufficiently reduced for any person or society, it is also a reduction of natural sensitivities leading to mental and physical pathologies.
We use the reduction of space (solitary confinement) as a means of punishment?

Photography donated by Heather Inwood 2015.

Photography courtesy of Heather I. 2015.

Excerpt from “Civilized Man’s Eight Deadly Sins” By Konrad Lorenz. “Oscar Heinroth, arch-scientist and arch-ridiculer of philosophy used to say, ‘What we think is mostly wrong, but what we know is right’. This epistemologically unprejudiced sentence expresses perfectly the evolutionary process of all human knowledge, perhaps of knowledge in general.

 Konrad Lorenz. Courtesy of Commons Wikimedia.

Konrad Lorenz.
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Photography donated by Heather I. 2015.

Photography courtesy of Heather I. 2015.

1st Parakeet (yellow): That Konrad Lorenz makes a lot of sense’. 2nd Parakeet: ‘Yes – but will they ever learn?’ 

‘That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history’.
Aldous Huxley (26 July 1894 -22 November 1963.)


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