Imperative observations


 This WWW conversation includes the subject of The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Quantum physics is of an alien world to me, but the title of the subject grabbed my attention. My reasons for that will become clear.

Photography donated by Heather I. 2015.

Photography courtesy of Heather I. 2015.

 It grabbed mine too!

Is the ‘Uncertainty Principle’ title a contradiction in terms?
If there is a principle, then it is well established.
We constantly live in a reality that is best served by the good use of the principles that are established. Their evidence is in fact all of our present contemporary reality. Ipso facto ‘everything’ that exists in our reality has a certain principle as its source.
The whole picture with regard to our sensory receptors seems not to be as exclusive as individualized experiences. Generally speaking there seems to be massive accord that does not depend on individual opinion.
It would appear to suggest that there is a form of certainty readily recognizable by the usual function of human sensory receptors.
Everything that is, is in perfect synchronicity, in that everything ages all at the same time.
Everything that is, at any moment in time, has its own share of space, no more no less.
That large commonality of factual knowledge seems to have no active displacement of our experience of reality.
In essence our experience of our reality must be a consciousness act of unification of the whole.Our sensory receptors seem to act in concert with others to give us a stabilized reality.
Our curiously sensitive sensory receptors are curious because our species generally accept an extraordinary equality of experience. We recognize in common, schools, universities, hospitals, cities, in fact the continual evolution of this planet’s history, including wars, crime, corruption.
Recognition that belies the experimental science of our sensory receptors.

Pondering what to eat =as we must! Courtesy of Google "free to use images".

Pondering what to eat =as we must!
Courtesy of Google “free to use images”.

Would simple mathematics be the basic source of quantum physics?
Where there is clear evidence of an interdependent measure that has reciprocal value, then it becomes unifying constructive knowledge e.g. 1+1=2! Here we have the basis of certainty and a clear and implicit principle.
Whatever our future holds, its continuity is dependent on the use we make of the principles we have discovered, and those we discover in the future. The ones we use now, can offer us their measure of certainty.
The natural processes within each lifetime are inevitable. There can be no restraint on natural phenomena as we all recognizably grow older at the same time. There is a purity of justice in this simplicity. It connects to our own reality and offers immediate recognition, and the limitations of our mortality.

'Roamin in the Glomin'

‘Roamin in the Gloamin’

MEDIA WINDMILL free_274640

Within each timeline we have the potential to discover the terms of the associative functionality we must share, to be alive at all.
As an organism which produces the innate genetic physical structures in all their prolific diversity, the question of space – environment, and life-giving services has become an observable urgent problem.
Where space is sufficiently reduced for any person or society, it is also a reduction of natural sensitivities leading to mental and physical pathologies.
We use the reduction of space (solitary confinement) as a means of punishment?

Photography donated by Heather Inwood 2015.

Photography courtesy of Heather I. 2015.


The human entity is composed of emotional, intellectual, and instinctive properties in concert with its physical senses.
Universal principles go beyond quantifiable linear intelligence, and in and of themselves, offer no process of induction. Their validity is formed by the principle of ‘mutual elucidation’, which then requires its ‘useful application’ to be demonstrated by all available means.
Perhaps we should see evolutionary development is of another quality and direction, into higher planes of consciousness. As we evolve we truly stand on the shoulders of those before  us. It is a provisional stance, dependent on the reverence we pay to those who provided our existence.
With the use of their images, and quotations, I unashamedly bow to their intellect, their compassion, their strength of character. Each and every one of them, male and female, deserve some of our attention.

We do need to remember them!

Bob the Elder.

We do need to remember them!


A clinical introduction of human consciousness.

Taking for granted any state of life (a form of sleep-walking) is an embedded challenge to constantly question the essence of each moment.
Embedded information although necessary for personal construction, provides its own limitation beyond which it is difficult to experience.
Redefining that limitation is our greatest need, and we evolve accordingly within our common structure until we can offer a suitable means to move on.
This video below also about consciousness may be of interest to you.

This video does say it better than I. 

It is to our advantage that as a species we collaborate to use information that can take us beyond personal status. Not everyone can be a quantum physicist, but every quantum physicist who contributes, is a valuable construct of earlier generations.

To recognize the ‘taking for granted’ issue is not then a decision to ‘convert’ to something else, but to use as a stepping stone to ask why?
That question connotes to knowledge of that state, and its acceptance. The acceptance in itself has its own proportion in anyone’s life, and takes its place in the common spectrum.

The measure of life seems always to go beyond its own achievement – to know more and to apply its exponential properties for benefit.

Media New ZealandRainbow at Sumner, New Zealand 2014.

These observations are drawn from interdependent and interconnected reality itself. Observations are never based on anyone’s opinion, but formed from the continual existence of absolutes, or principles. (Refer to Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice Page 7).
The evidence of their existence is exemplified through the commonality of consciousness that develops, and determines their establishment.
The phenomena, and rise of human intellect that rationalizes the establishment of every form of educational discipline, and asserts the validity of its own experience, and the continuity of objective evidence, is our present measure.

 Consequently this writer can claim no personal ownership of their content. Please feel free to use them non-commercially the best way you can, for everyone’s benefit. Everything presented has a ‘derivative work’ qualification and should be used accordingly.

There is an old adage that “given something for nothing” has no great value.
The personal work you will of necessity have to do has the potential to raise not only your consciousness, but adds to our overall consciousness bank.
Whenever you experience a definitive new meaning to any concept, to assuage any negativity about the value of that experience, promise yourself beforehand to give to any deserving charity if it happens.
You may find yourself remembering the Dickensian character Sydney Carton as the supposed Evremonde in the Tale of Two Cities, recounting his last words:                                                                                                                                                                                                   “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done”.

If so – then it all was not for nothing! You paid the piper!

Imperative observations equates to paying attention, and in this context specifically towards absolutes and principles in language.

Their constant dependency, and replication, can act in a fashion similar to a double helix, where interdependence and interconnection must take place.

Perhaps a slight deviation from professional ‘linear thinking’ advocates.

The object of this exercise is simply to point to a common peculiarity of language – namely that there exist dichotomies that we accept as being real.
When we view them as only being a spectrum construct of any principle, then we are left with something that I feel is best described by definition, as an absolute.
Somewhere in time the introduction and acceptance of dichotomies (opposites)  has had the effect of diluting, or contradicting  our reality and its conceptualization.  

 Whenever an absolute or constant is established (that which is) then in conjunction with all other established absolutes and defined by each contemporary, there can be a distinct improvement in cognitive awareness of their meaning. This also establishes human experience as a relative condition, as it were in a spectrum, describing each moment in time.
That distinction permeates a side of us beyond our senses, and we may have the privilege of experiencing a new reality. The resulting process of binding absolutes to define ‘what is”.  

Thus a child  is born with health, a natural construct, and can live a life with varying degrees of health, somewhere in the spectrum, with no division, or contradiction.

To build a language of terms which redefine themselves correctly, is a propositional concept that will be left for others to explore. My time will be left offering the basic concept as placeholders, and finding equivalence by others where I can find them.

The process of evolution we experience either in a linear or vertical direction, carries the tool of language that Homo sapiens have developed.
With evolution, language will inevitably change, and to avoid its complexities being amplified, a simpler form of semantics that would embrace social interaction, and has new meaning, would be welcome.

Within those meanings it could be conceived that cognition, and instinctive experiences could reach a continuing widening audience. (Refer you to Wikipedia on ‘cognition’.)
Communication, and its power to make known would be enhanced for the benefit of those who communicate, and for the receiver. That would best be defined as the height of mutual understanding – no divergence.

With some certainty the vestigial veracity, or value, of any copy introduced to the community on the Wide World Web, will undergo the collective reviews of contemporary reason and sanity, by the widest audience ever available.
In a world of controversy there is always room for sane and rational information.

The debate Absolute vs. Relativism is a non sequitur given the spectrum model in relation to dichotomies. We can find an easy equivalence to both issues that makes the debate irrelevant.
Everything is, and everything that is, comes within the spectrum model. All evidence then is complementary. Every dichotomy – every paradox can then take their proper place to provide attribution.

Whatever new concept is proposed it can only have interconnected and interdependent connections that will be evaluated for their common use.
History tells us, this is the hallmark for its acceptance. If we cannot use it for the common good then its eventual fate is assured, and rightly so.

Essential listening.

With reference to our commonality and interdependence.


Consciousness-Raising (Extract from About-Education. Feminism definition by Linda Napikoski. Women’s History Expert.)

Definition: Consciousness-raising is the process of increasing awareness about an idea, usually through consideration of individual experiences to better understand a larger social or political reality. Consciousness refers to subjective awareness and the experience of knowledge. By raising consciousness, one elevates the importance of that knowledge, bringing to the surface issues that were previously ignored.


Consider the contribution this woman made.

 Maria Curie. Courtesy of en.wikipedia.

Maria Curie. Awarded the Nobel Prize in physics. December 1903. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Consider the contribution all women make!


The term commonality is a form of security for us all, whoever we are, wherever we come from. If you continue reading this material, consider all the properties that are common to each, and everyone.
That process in itself will involve you directly in identifying the establishment of principles that are our foundation.  The use and development of absolutes in language may well have a cybernetic element in their content. It does seem that collective human consciousness has an indirect hand in its own evolution.
Perhaps that is why we are, who we are!

The above presentation is of another order.

(For those of a more serious mind, and interested in the history of language, I would refer you to “The extended mind model of the origin of language” via Google.)

Photography donated by Heather I. 2015.

Photography courtesy of Heather I. 2015.

 Also this remarkable presentation.

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